A History of Residential Interior and Exterior Architecture Design


We will look at the evolution of interior design techniques as they matured over the last few centuries, moving from the basic one room house which included kitchen, bath, bedroom, and family room all in one open space to the sprawling homes of today that have media rooms, game rooms, offices, and a huge variety of other rooms customized to meet the owners needs.

In addition to interior and exterior evolution, we will examine the history and design of modular homes and also look at some purely modern designs. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of reading the site as I have in putting it together. Time permitting, I will add more to it as I go through the extensive notes I took during my long careen in the industry.


We will start with basic one-room log cabins and go from there. The number of styles of homes that have evolved even in the last 50 years is staggering. Trends have taken us through ranchers, split levels and tri-levels to barn styles, art deco, modern, huge mansions, and now for the more green-oriented, even tiny homes.

This is a tiny house. We will discuss these further in the site. These have become popular, but not just because they are less expensive and cheaper to heat and cool, but many more environmentally conscious people these days are glad to see the smaller footprint and lower electric usage. They come in hundreds of shapes and sizes, and often ingeniously designed to capitalize on every single square inch of space.