Today, home designs can take on a number of different forms. Overall, there is an eclectic style of homes throughout the US, many of which are based in older styles that have been popular since the early days of America. Though it’s still possible to see homes in older designs that are not used anymore, below are five of the home styles still popular today, and that can be found throughout the US.

The Cape Cod Home

The Cape Cod-style has been fashionable since the late 1600s in America. These homes were built partially with timber and were designed to withstand the weather often seen in Cape Cod. Many of these homes were made from oak or pine, had low ceilings to help provide heat, and featured a central ceiling to heat the whole home. There are different variations of the Cape Cod-style today, including Cape Cod Revival homes.

The Colonial Style

Another style from the 17th century is the Colonial style. These homes are found throughout the state, though different regions do have different characteristics. Some are made with wood, while others are made from stone or brick. These homes are typically two-story homes, with the bedrooms on the upper floor, and the staircase is the focal point.

Craftsman Homes

Craftsman homes are a little more modern, becoming popular in the early 1900s. They feature a more simple architectural style, with an emphasis on natural materials and symmetry. These homes feature wide front porches, overhanging eaves, and a low-pitched roof. They also often feature distinct colors and handcrafted stone or wood. They generally have a more open interior with customized built-in furnishings. There is a lot of intricate workmanship in this style of home, causing them to be a bit pricier than some other styles. My brother-in-law, who owns a siding company in Richmond Va advised me that it can take twice as long to side these houses versus a standard salt box or more traditional shape.


Farmhouses tend to feature larger porches, including a front porch that serves as a shaded area on hot days as well as a mudroom. Most farmhouses are made from wood and feature simple exteriors, as they were traditionally built by hand in more rural areas. These homes tend to have a more rustic look inside, with colorful patterns throughout the home. They may also feature the Country style of design, adding to the farmhouse feel inside the home.

Modern Designs

During the early 1900s, the modern design became more prevalent. These homes feature designs that are simpler, but still functional, and includes homes that are designed with far more open floorplans than other styles. These homes tend to have glass, steel, and concrete used in the design of the home, not just the construction, and tend to have a minimal interior design. These homes would often feature larger windows as well as wooden furnishings.

Today, it’s possible to see older Victorian homes as well as cottages, transitional homes, and far more. However, there are some styles that are found in newer homes as well as older ones, and that are still popular today. Some of these styles include the ones above, all of which offer a fantastic architectural design worth looking into if you’re building a home or looking for a home to purchase.

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